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Front of Memorial Rear of Memorial A good start has been made in raising the necessary funds for the memorial but there is still much to do.Donations should be sent to the Assistant Regimental Secretary at RHQ with cheques made out to the RRF Memorial Fund.

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The Battalion regularly deployed whole companies of Warrior AFVs onto Salisbury Plain.We are still in negotiation with them over whether it can be put into the same location as the current memorial, but early indications are that this is achievable.An artist's impression of the new Memorial is shown below.The Minden Band and 1RRF Corps of Drums provided a fine selection of music, and many of the Fusiliers' families and friends were present to watch the parade.

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For many of the cohort they were receiving their first operational medal.By the end of the 2 years, however, the Fusiliers knew the Plain inside out, and it was always brilliant to see new Company Commanders stressed on their course asking junior Fusiliers how to attack a position.