College professor dating a student

28-Dec-2017 18:27

There were never any romantic feelings, but he was an intelligent and amusing conversationalist—and we continue to catch up whenever he comes through my new city.In fact, we grabbed drinks (just drinks) last night.Instead of incredulity and high-fives, I received incredulity, disgust, worry, and judgment (directed mostly at the RA, but a little saved for me).They also essentially forbade me from seeing him alone again.Apologizing profusely, I fled his room to be met with the greatest shout-down of my life, where my roommates insisted that I must be an idiot (perhaps correctly) for putting his and my academic careers at risk.Understandably, I never returned to his room after that humiliation, and as he graduated that year and took a post-doc in a different city, I assumed I’d never see him again.I grabbed some sushi and a cup, mingling for a bit.The RA joined me on his couch to chat, while constantly, constantly refilling my cup.

It was the May of my sophomore year of college, and I had developed a friendship with one of the graduate students who lived in my dorm as an academic advisor and quasi-authority figure.” The answer is, has been, and forever shall be, “No.” The answer to an ethics question sometimes becomes obvious when it is apparent that every argument on one side is either a logical fallacy, an unethical rationalization, or the application of an invalid ethics principle.