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The Child's education is mostly from observation and imitation. Fourthly, a chance to alter the perceptions around, either at home or school. For Example: Parents or teachers lie before children. The necessary communication with child equips him with ability to participate. The time has come to re-examine the saying 'spare the rod and spoil the child'. The research studies show that the theory of corporal punishment was an ineffective discipline strategy with children of all ages and it is often proved to be dangerous.Their participation depends upon their developing capacity, which again depends upon the surroundings and family. If child does not have sufficient information he cannot effectively participate. One has to talk in terms of chances rather than rights as the child does not and cannot know how to participate. It may be like giving a discourse in driving without putting him in driver's seat. Will you give him text book on cycling or explain the parts and technique of the machine, importance or greasing or oiling, or give a lecture on speed or slow cycling, diligence or negligence on road? A father wants his son to tell the caller by phone that he was not at home. Children are at receiving end both at their own homes and schools from parents, teachers and non-teaching school authorities. The punishment of such kind leads to create anger, resentment and low self-esteem. The child is an abridged adult with rights which cannot be abridged. The child observes, thinks and imitates or reacts to happenings around. Either at home or school, the child is subjected to disciplinary practices while, child should be part of those processes. The communication through teaching is imparting education. Receiver knows and develops to receive the communication. But at the same time it may result in making child a positive person or a person with character diametrically opposite to what he has seen. If an English medium students talks in Telugu, he or she will be made to write, "I do not speak in Telugu" for fifty to hundred times, a mental punishment too.If the indiscipline of the child could be complained, ascertained and responded to, where is the way to find and establish the indiscipline of the adults. To attain wisdom, an abundant amount of common sense has to be added to education, which then includes discipline. Dhruv emerges an unbiased king, after he becomes victim of bias of his father and step mother. Emotional consequences of unilateral disciplining processes: Neither the religion nor the parenthood provided any legal authority physically injure the children for their so called 'indiscipline' and to enforce morality and character.Without participation the discipline within him will not develop. You are teaching him that one should lie and also when and how and for what. Then explain the son why is opting to lie, why he should not lie otherwise etc. Almost all schools inflict corporal punishments on students for various reasons. Giving oral warnings and letters in the diary or calendar 12. It teaches them violence and revenge as solutions to problems and perpetuates itself, as children might imitate what the adults are doing (

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If he suffers most without these feelings, which very rarely happens, that child may develop a commitment not brow beat any body in his life time.

One has to internalize the process of education and discipline. Firstly the child must have a chance to know, what, why and how. The Supreme Court in National Anthem school declined to impose any penalty on two students belonging to Jehowa Witnesses, who did not participate in singing national anthem as their religious tenet did not permit any singing except songs in praise of God. Treating the three late comings equal to one absent. Some of the countries specifically banned the corporal punishment of children as it crossed the limits and assumed brutal propositions.

Discipline and education go together in letter and spirit. Secondly, a chance to think over Thirdly, a chance to express, explain and ventilate the views or grievances. The case stands as an example that not joining the voice in singing national anthem itself is not an act of indiscipline or unpatriotic attitude and invites no punishment. However, law basically does not agree with any excessive punishment to beings, which would be definitely a violation of personal right.

Another teacher takes the wrongdoing child along with him or her to each class of different year as per schedule to further inflict insult. Kinds of Punishments In Schools There are three types of corporal punishments in schools. Making the children stand as a wall chair (Goda Kurchee in Telugu), 2. If a child is battered or bullied for talking, his anger may make him an introvert, probably a thinker with less initiative, and to withdraw from groups and companies and can be branded as shy person.

While a schoolteacher prevents a girl from eating from her lunch box, the other does not allow the kid to attend the classes. If his reaction is hatred, he starts hating school and society.

Sometimes students will be asked to complete the assigned writing work in kneel down position. A physical instructor who also happen to be a karate belt holder, uses his hard hand to severely injure the kid who do not follow the instructions. All these changes lead to breaking of relationship.

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