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Harry Potter : Harry/Draco, Harry/Severus, Harry/Lucius ... Bleach : Ichigo/Ishida, Ichigo/grimmjow, Ichigo/Renji, Ichigo/Byakuya, Byakuya/Renji ... Merci a Shining Omicron ( pour l'autorisation de traduire 'The Alpha Pair'.

*XX*Mes couples préférés : Gundam Wings : Heero/Duo, Trowa/Quatre. Merci a tmjohn72 ( pour l'autorisation de traduire 'Foresight', 'Hindsight', 'Insight' et 'The Reckoning'.

Bonjour, Je viens de créer une page facebook Phoenix Trad pour ceux que ça intéresse ! )Groupe Sterek Addiction sur Facebook : Sterek Addiction Groupe Facebook : Sterek's Pack *XX*A Fool To Believe : ht tp://archiveofourown POINTorg/works/3650715*XX*B. Merci a(ht tp ://archiveofourown POINTorg/users/lupinus/pseuds/lupinus) (ht tp ://archiveofourown POINTorg/users/uraneia/pseuds/uraneia) pour l'autorisation de traduire 'Around the Bend' sur AO3 et ffnet .

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Sa voiture étant tombé en panne, le loup grincheux l'invite à rester jusqu'au lendemain. et Stiles craint une apocalypse Zombies/Loups-garous. Derek fait la cour à Stiles dans la pure tradition lupine, Stiles ne comprend rien et les efforts de Scott pour lui faire comprendre restent sans effet. Se déroule après 3a (Ne prends pas en compte 3b)Stiles s'attendait à tout en visitant le vieux manoir Hale le soir d'Halloween.Merci a [UA] Derek Hale est un agent spécial du FBI, à Quantico.

Per a CMC decision rendered on , the placement of the belt keeper on the male service coat and male officer dress coat will be standardized.… continue reading »

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At the end of one dance when he took her hand and led her towards the kitchen I followed, intending to introduce myself. After entering the small hallway which was between the kitchen and the main room, her partner pushed her against the wall, in the corner by the stairs. Sue was responding, pulling him close and kissing him back. I watched Jim mix her a very strong gin and tonic, even though she was already very drunk. Now Sue was able to spread her legs really wide to let Jim work on her cunt. He rolled over, positioning himself between her legs. I don’t know if he realised that it was my wife that we were watching.… continue reading »

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The game is a five-cards draw and you can change any card after the first round of bets.… continue reading »

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The CDC found that integrating teen dating violence prevention strategies in junior high and high school curricula and Public School Code are effective at deterring attitudes and behaviors that lead to IPV.… continue reading »

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