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The dating service is halal, meaning permissible under Islamic law, as it is practiced with an Islamic twist: women speed daters must be chaperoned by a wali, or guardian until she gets married and who grants her the permission to do so.“I brought my parents as they are the best people who can guide me to find someone,” said Nurnadille. With the right approach and information, you will be able to enjoy the entire process and be safe too.Speed Dating Malaysia offers romantic opportunities for people above 21 years old with diversed financial status, religion and ethnic groups.“Halal Speed Dating is the anti-Tinder,” co-founders Zuhri Yuhyi, 34, and Norhayati Ismail, 41, said in a release, referring to the U.S.-based dating app that has gained a reputation for free and easy match-making.Why not put a fraction of that cost into a service that will help you get to know each other before spending on dates ? And if you are a lady, I’m sure you would not want to receive a lot of unwanted advances from guys too drunk to even mumble coherently, born losers or people who simply don’t interest you at all at clubs or bars.

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No more scouting in clubs and bars in hopes of meeting that someone special.

For this reason, speed dating is a phenomenal solution that provides access to people living in Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya easily, efficiently, conveniently, and affordably! The advantages that speed dating service offer is that its a platform with no obligation for romance.